Are you a faith geek?

What is a faith geek?


  • faith – firm belief in something for which there is no proof…especially: a system of religious beliefs
  • geek – an enthusiast or expert
  • So a faith geek is an enthusiast or expert of a system of religious beliefs (for which there is no proof).

Take this quiz to see if you’re a faith geek.

1. You’re in the religion section of Barnes & Noble and overhear a conversation about the difference between the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. You:

  • a. Wonder how you ended up in this part of the store and hurry on to another section.
  • b. Listen for a few minutes and then continue on.
  • c. Stay and listen to the whole conversation.
  • d. Join in the conversation and then check the shelves for any books about the creeds.

2. Your personal library of books contains the following:

  • a. No books about religion or theology.
  • b. A few books about religion or theology.
  • c. A number of religious and theological books that I had to purchase for courses and workshops.
  • d. Enough religious and theological books that I could probably start my own spiritual/theological library.

3. You are getting dressed in the morning. Your attire includes:

  • a. Jeans and a t-shirt
  • b. A t-shirt with a message that could be interpreted as spiritual.
  • c. A clergy collar.
  • d. A labyrinth necklace.

4. PBS has just announced a new series called God in America. Your reaction is:

  • a. I don’t think I’ll watch it.
  • b. I won’t watch it but I might ask friends who watched it what it was about.
  • c. I will definitely watch it.
  • d. I will watch it and will be looking for a study guide for it so we can discuss it in my church.

5. Your collection of books includes:

  • a. One Bible
  • b. Three Bibles
  • c. Three or more Bibles and at least one book on spiritual practices.
  • d. Three or more Bibles, at least one book on spiritual practices, and your denomination’s book of order.

6. In terms of your Facebook habits:

  • a. What’s Facebook?
  • b. I have a few Facebook friends from my church.
  • c. Most of my Facebook friends are church related.
  • d. Most of my Facebook friends are church related and I “like” several well known religious speakers/authors.

7. My church attendance is:

  • a. sporadic or non-existent.
  • b. I am a Chreaster (attends on Christmas and Easter).
  • c. I am there every week.
  • d. I have a key to my church.

8. Here is what I know about denominations:

  • a. There are different denominations in the church.
  • b. I know which denomination I’m in.
  • c. I have a pretty good handle on the mainline denominations.
  • d. I have a good knowledge about the different denominations and enjoy discussing the differences with other people.

9. In terms of Bible or adult study groups:

  • a. I have never been in a study group.
  • b. I have been in a study group a few times.
  • c. I regularly attend a study group.
  • d. I lead a study group.

10. My house is decorated with:

  • a. Nothing religious or Biblical.
  • b. One or two religious or Biblical objects.
  • c. Lots of religious or Biblical objects.
  • d. I have my own sacred space in my house.


Give yourself :

  • 1 point for every “a”
  • 2 points for every “b”
  • 3 points for every “c”
  • 4 points for every “d”
  • 0-10 points – You are definitely not a faith geek and will probably never be one.
  • 11-20 – You are not a faith geek but you have a small potential to become one.
  • 21-30 – You are a borderline faith geek.
  • 31-40 – You are definitely a faith geek.


10 thoughts on “Are you a faith geek?

    • At least my husband is normal — he was in Florida jet-skiing and touring vineyards this weekend — but I was just as happy with what I did, which was a lot of faith geek stuff.


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