Faith Geek Weekend

While others may be shopping at the mall, catching up on things at home, or just relaxing, a faith geek may have a weekend schedule such as the one listed below.  (And yes, this was actually what I did this past weekend.)

Friday night – Research a question that came up in Bible study as to whether Paul was riding a horse when he was converted. Results: the Bible doesn’t mention a horse but several paintings of the event include a horse.

Saturday morning – Attend the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to be consecrated by the bishop and certified in Christian Education.

Early Saturday afternoon – Go with husband to his mom’s to help her with a few chores. She treated us to a lovely lunch which negated any good deed credits which might have been earned.

Late Saturday afternoon – Attend high tea at church presented by the United Methodist Women. Listen to excerpts from the records of the women’s group throughout the last century, eat scones, and sing hymns.

Sunday morning – Go to church for Pentecost and Confirmation service. Get slightly teary-eyed at seeing the emerging faith of the confirmands.

Sunday afternoon – Attend church picnic, eat cheeseburger, home-made salads and desserts, and talk about church stuff with various people.

And how was your weekend?


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