Christian History magazine is a delight for faith geeks

Christian History magazineFaith geeks enjoy things that other people may find boring or just plain weird. One of these is church history. Topics like the Council of Nicaea or the life of Anselm of Canterbury may cause some to fall asleep or roll their eyes, but faith geeks delight in the details of these topics and others.

There are plenty of books and online resources for church history faith geeks. Type in “church history” on Amazon and a smorgasbord of books and DVDs will appear. There’s a Church History section on the online encyclopedia Theopedia. The American Society of Church History website is also worth a visit.

A great magazine for faith geeks comes from the Christian History Institute and is called simply Christian History. Their 108th issue was just published and focuses on Charlemagne: the man, the legend, and the birth of Western Christendom. You can read the issue online or subscribe to the magazine. There is no subscription fee although donations are requested. You can also sign up to be notified when new issues are available online.

Many back issues are available for purchase in the website store and include subjects like C.S. Lewis, John Hus, the KJV of the Bible, and Russian Christianity. There’s enough reading to keep faith geeks happily immersed for many hours, even days. You can also purchase a CD with the text only of issues 1-107. Right now it’s selling for $19.99. And yes, I do have a copy of it as well as numerous issues of the magazine complete with colorful pictures!


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