Crafting Calm for faith geeks

Crafting CalmFaith geeks have a way of putting their perspective on life into whatever they do. This is certainly true for faith geeks who love to craft and engage in other creative endeavors. One of the consultants at the PRC loves to make cards and uses her talents to help others learn this skill so they can have a card ministry in their church, giving out beautifully crafted handmade cards for those who are ill, have suffered a loss, or are celebrating a special occasion. Faith geeks who knit or crochet may get involved in the Prayer Shawl Ministry, where they pray as they create beautiful gifts for people.

I recently discovered the book Crafting Calm by Maggie Oman Shannon and it is a true treasure for a faith geek crafter. The book offers “projects and practices for creativity and contemplation.” Along with well-known craft projects such as prayer beads and prayer shawls, there are also suggestions for creating your own anointing oils, a personal prayer flag, and a tray sand garden.

Whether you craft by yourself as a spiritual practice or work with a group in a crafting ministry, there are plenty of great ideas here. This book also offers some unique suggestions for a women’s group meeting or retreat. Crafting Calm is available on Amazon for $13.38 and, at that price, is definitely a book that should be added to the library of any faith geek who loves to craft.



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