Celtic Christianity part 6: Celtic spirituality can lead to a richer spiritual life

The Path of Celtic PrayerCalvin Miller in his book The Path of Celtic Prayer: An Ancient Way to Contemporary Joy says that “it is wholly reasonable to seek among these brothers and sisters of ours a spiritual vitality and a way of life that we seem to have mislaid.” So what aspects of Celtic spirituality can we incorporate into our own lives?

The concept of the immanence of God is that God is present at all times and in all things. This led the Celts to pray about everything in their lives, from the lighting of the hearth fire in the morning to cooking the evening meal. This aspect of Celtic spirituality can help us today to see the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things and all people in the world.

God is especially present in the natural world; places where people feel most strongly connected with God’s presence are referred to as thin places. Taking time to get away from our noisy, technologically saturated world to explore natural places can help us to become more open to the presence of God.

Community was important to the Celtic Christians; we learn and grow when we join with others in our walk of faith. This can happen through worship and small groups in a church or just by sharing our faith and questions about God with friends and family.

Celtic Christians considered pilgrimage to be an important part of life. Pilgrimage may be a physical journey or an inner journey. It is a search for God and has to do with a change of heart. Pilgrimage is a journey which seeks a deeper faith. Looking at our faith journey as a pilgrimage can help us to see that it is a way of becoming closer to God, not just a pursuit for intellectual truth.

Art and music enable us to perceive with the senses as well as the intellect. Celtic art with its intricate and colorful interwoven patterns is readily available in books and other objects such as fabric and jewelry and there are numerous Celtic hymns and other music available to purchase.


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