10 reasons why a house church makes sense

  1. home-165951_640It’s more like a family and often intergenerational; young and old learn from each other.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the expense of a separate building, so money can go directly to missions or service projects.
  3. People can grow in their faith when they can be honest about what they believe rather than feeling they have to follow a prescribed set of beliefs.
  4. Leadership is shared, so you don’t have one person dominating the church. This results in true equality.
  5. People can serve the church according to their gifts, not according to a prescribed set of jobs dictated by a structure.
  6. Decisions can be made using prayer and discernment rather than Robert’s Rules of Order.
  7. There is more time available for ministry since it’s not wasted by numerous meetings or fundraising events.
  8. When everyone participates, worship is more meaningful and not just watching others perform. Worship can be more flexible and allow the Holy Spirit to work.
  9. It is easier to form relationships and build community in a small group.
  10. It’s the closest thing we have to the church of the 1st Century.

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